Texas has now enacted a very controversial law requiring foreign nationals to get a different type of drivers license than that used for U.S. citizens. The license will have a vertical, rather than horizontal, orientation, so it will be instantly recognizable by anyone who sees it — including potential landlords or employers. The licenses will also be stamped with the words “temporary visitor” and will list the date the legal residency expires.

The Department of Public Safety is instructed not to issue or renew licenses for any immigrant who is here illegally, or who has overstayed his or her residency. The DPS also will not issue licenses to legal immigrants who have permission to stay for fewer than six months.

Aside from the obvious concerns about profiling, some people worry that illegal immigrants will now not be able to get auto insurance since they won’t have drivers licenses. This could increase Texas’ already extremely high percentage of drivers who do not have auto liability insurance, thereby driving up the costs of auto insurance for the rest of us.