A story in the Dallas Morning News today said the restaurant industry, or at least a sampling of it, is supporting the proposed immigration reform bill now pending in the Senate. Here are excerpts from the article:

More than 200 people attending a restaurant industry convention in Dallas this week called on Congress to take action on a stalled Senate bill that addresses illegal immigrants in the U.S.

The e-mails in support of movement on Senate Bill 1639 were sent via a political action booth at the Southwest Foodservice Expo at the Dallas Convention Center.

The restaurant industry has become heavily dependent on immigrant workers as its traditional pipeline of workers – teens and twenty-somethings – dries up.

Growth in that portion of the population has slowed, and many young workers are choosing non-restaurant jobs.

The National Restaurant Association estimates it will need an additional 100,000 workers over the next five to 10 years.

(A lawyer representing the industry) …said his restaurant clients support the Senate bill as an improvement over the status quo.

“What immigration reform will do is help millions of industry workers, and it will help employers who are worried that they may make a mistake and could face the brunt” of enforcement action from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, he said.

(One restaurant owner) …said he has not studied the legislation, but he hopes Congress moves quickly to enact reform.

“It needs to be resolved one way or another,” he said.