Today’s issue of the Dallas Morning News has an interesting article explaining how some Texas employers are eagerly awaiting passage of new immigration reform laws. Employers hope that immigration reform will lead to a more stable legal workforce.

The article states that employers would like to see some sort of error-proof employment verification system, a tamper-proof worker identification card, and a temporary worker program set in place. Currently, the Senate is debating a proposed immigration bill that would create a temporary guest worker program. This program would make 200,000 visas available annually to foreign workers. Employers believe that a guest worker program is vital to the success of a growing U.S. economy.

Although many employers favor immigration reform, some local business groups have urged the Texas senators to suppress the bill. In fact, Senators John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchinson have rejected the bill, saying that it will repeat the mistakes of the 1986 amnesty law. Although the 1986 law provided immigration benefits to millions of illegal aliens, it did nothing to curtail illegal immigration.

Many employers believe that the current employment eligibility verification system is also in need of improvement. The system checks the nine digit social security number of employees to see if it matches with wage and tax reports of federal records. However, the system does not ferret out the use of authentic social security cards, even if they are borrowed, stolen, or rented by illegal immigrations.

In recent months, several corporations and businesses have suffered from immigration raids and have been charged with violations of the nation’s immigration laws. Employers state that even though they had unknowingly hired illegal immigrants, they had complied with the employment eligibility verification system, which is voluntary for employers, but did not realize they had hired undocumented workers. Even though the employer may have gone through all the steps to make sure they were hiring legal workers, the system obviously is not 100% accurate. Companies and businesses hope that immigration reform, by creating a guest worker program and providing visas to illegal immigrants in the United States, will correct the deficiencies found in the current system.

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