As noted in a Dallas Morning News article about the Dallas Office of Rapid Adjustment, the test program is catching the eye of Washington politicians. DORA is designed to speed up the processing of Green Card applications, and to prevent long stays in the U.S. By foreign nationals who are ineligible for legal permanent residence.

In most of the country, aliens who apply for a Green Card are given a temporary work permit while their applications are processed. The processing time can range from months to over one year. In the meantime, the aliens are permitted to live and work in the U.S. even though they may actually be ineligible for the Green Card itself.

The Dallas Office of Rapid Adjustment pilot program cuts the processing time to no more than 90 days, so temporary work permits are not required. That allows eligible applicants to get their Green Cards quicker, and allows USCIS to weed out the ineligible applicants before they are issued temporary work permits.

The newspaper article implies that one reason the two-year-old pilot program has not been implemented nationwide is that the government could lose perhaps $350 million or more in fees if it increases efficiency.