A foreign national who wishes to enter the United States “on business” must first obtain a B-1 visa from the U.S. Consulate or Embassy in his or her home country. The B-1 visa allows the foreign national to enter the United States temporarily for business. However, the business visitor is not authorized employment in the United States.

For example, if the purpose of the foreign national’s planned travel is to meet with business associates, travel for a business convention or conference on specific dates, or settle or negotiate a contract, then a B-1 visa would be necessary. Since the purpose of the trip and visa is temporary in nature, the foreign national needs to establish there is no intention of abandoning his or her home country. Documentation must be presented to the consul establishing intent to return to the home country. An individuals should therefore provide sufficient ties to the home country — such as an employment letter, financial connections, bank accounts, close family ties, copies of recent tax returns, copies of recent paycheck stubs, copies of mortgage, lease, or other documents demonstrating residence.

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